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 Compression Test,Vacuum leaks!!!!


Always check injector pulse, spark & fuel supply EVEN  if you have a scan tool.

If you have no injector pulse, spark or fuel pump supply - check you have 12volts to these items.

If running rough - check cam timing and make sure piston is at TDC as pulleys & cam gears move.

If no power - make sure air intake or exhaust (cat) isn’t blocked.
To check cat remove 02 sensor & exhaust will flow out.

Check fuel flow.

*REMEMBER - Fuel flow is more important than fuel pressure. You must have a good return of fuel out of regulator. Same symptom as carby with low float level.

CODE Cat converter insufficient flow, this usually is the rear oxygen sensor. Check pattern of rear O2 sensor most rear O2 sensors at idle should be a flat line .5 of a volt, if sensor has a wave pattern or spike to much flow through cat. This is usually due to cars running E10 that shouldn't be. Ask customer have they been using E10 in car then check on website http://www.fcai.com.au/publications/all/all/all/3/can-my-vehicle-operate-on-ethanol-blend-petrol- 



Cam & Crank sensors -  Wont start or runs on 2cylinders, cam or crank timing out
    Signal has to be at ECU from both sensors At exact time. Check cam & crank drives.

Spark plugs-   Make sure you have right plugs and gap.
    I have seen wrong length plugs & to small a gap causing misfire or no start!

Bad earths - Late model vehicles must have good earths or they will run rough or not start.  

  O2 Sensors - Make sure it is ok (switching voltage). Most late model cars have a fuse for 12 volts to 02 sensors,if you have a code heater circiut fault CHECK you have batt voltage to 02 sensor ,if not check fuses

Power steering - Most new cars have power steering unit as part of steering column, not rack it is computer operated and can cost up to $8 000 for new unit ( We are trying to repair these now).

Alternators - Most vehicles 2004 on have regulator in computer, check charge rate,maybe faulty computer not alternator.

Charcoal cannister & Purge control valves - Running rich _ Cars with map sensors. If purge control is leaking vacuum, it will cause running rich on cars with MAP sensor as it creates a vacuum leak at idle. The map sensor reads low vacuum and will richen the mixture.

Running rich and map sensor codes after fitting fuel pump ass,this is a common fault as hoses for purge and return at tank are on wrong way ,sucking fuel into manifold via purge valve and covering map sensor,mainly Commodores,Falcon utes and wagons,Hyundai

Cars with variable timing - Fault - No power cold - Wrong or old engine oil causing sensor to give false oil pressure reading to ECU. Wont drive sensor advance. Use oil flush & correct grade oil.       

Cars stuck in limp mode-check reverse & brake lights are working-check cruise control as it it linked to brake light swich and fuse

Trade Tip-When fitting new injectors DO NOT use any sort of grease on top o'ring seals,this will block the injectors-petrol and grease dont mix-use oil or WD40 

Common Rail Diesels- EGR codes-lack of power-DPF blockages-  MOST common problem is carbon buildup in manifold because vechiles just putt around town,DONT be scared,this is a labour intensive job-take off manifold and do a full clean out inc EGR and gurney DPF,will make a huge difference







Alfa 156 2000 on

No drive when put in gear (auto)power windows dont work

Blown power window fuse(located below steer column drivers side)

Alfa 156 JTS Misfire codes and misfire after changing coils Most have direct injection,injectors will be blocked ,fit new injector-common fault

Audi A4 2000 on

Gear selector will not shift out of park

check stop light fuse

Audi A4 Cabrio


No start

Earth post located below dash near fuse box securing 4 brown earth wires,poor connection.(clean)

Audi A6 1999 on

No start

Low oil level,will cause no start

BMW 84-96

No fuel pump supply

Check voltage to pump, if none ECU faulty, not switching relay

(Common fault).

BMW 84-96

Surging, lack of power.

Airflow meter! Check fuel pressure & flow.

BMW Most models ,with coil over


Find & replace faulty coils,BEWARE check earth circuit to coil before replacing ,3 pin coil ,top wire is earth - may be open circuit to ECU,if you put new coil in without testing earth it will FRY ecu 

Chrysler Neon

Cutting out, wont rev

Camsensor connector full of oil. Replace.

Daewoo - Most model 1996 on

No start after fitting Engine/ Gearbox/ Starter motor   

Daewoo wiring loom near starter motor has a main ECU earth wire which bolts onto the block under the starter motor. This wire is black and will fit onto starter motor 12 volt feed from battery. Car will not start if this wire is fitted to s/motor - sends 12 volts down earth wire on crank. 'This is a common fault". Recheck the wiring loom to starter motor.

Daewoo Cielo/Lanos

Runs rough on 3cyls

Always check cam lobes no.3 exhaust worn out due to lack of oil + clean oil screen on pump.

Daewoo Lanos / Nubira

No spark, runs rough or no inj pulse

Faulty coil pack replace (common fault), Check power supply to coil pack

Daewoo Nubira

High idle

(common fault)

Try new idle motor, but has to be reprogrammed by Daewoo,try cleaning idle motor and pulling out plunger extra 15mm,refit and start car,hold at 4000rpm for 1 minute,should rest idle correctly

Diahatsu most models  to 1998

Surging, cutting out

Runs rough.

Water leaking on ECU wiring loom in front of centre console.

Diahatsu Charade/ Feroza

Cuts out, hard to start

Faulty coolant temp switch

Diahatsu Sirion

Wont start no injector pulse, no spark

Wrong or old engine oil, slowing crank signal to ECU. To check take spark plugs out & check injector pulse(motor winds over faster)

Diesel EFI

Runs rough

No power.

dirty injectors,bad fuel,pump  Sometimes it is air flow meter or hose to or from turbo split.

Ford Escape look at Mazda Tribute

Ford Courier/Bravo


Runs on 2 cylinders

Faulty ECU (Injector drive)


Fuel pump on and injectors on with keys out of car, fuel running out of air cleaner

Bad earth causing injectors and fuel pump to stay on via EFI relay switching on fuel pump relay. Check earth to block.

common fault

Ford Falcon EA-ED

Rough idle runs rich

Split map sensor vacuum hose at manifold or fuel press reg blocked or leaking.

Falcon EA-EL

Car will go to start then switch of when letting key off start

Missing Spout signal ot of distributor (no fault code).

Falcon EA-EL

No spark

Has injector pulse

To check if dizzy is faulty put inj noid light in coil plug & if it pulses dizzy ok. Replace coil.


No power

Cat blocked, injectors, low fuel flow or cam timing out 1 tooth (common fault)

EA-EL 6cyl

Surging/ pinging/ no power

Check timing/ if moving remove dizzy & check dizzy drive gear on dizzy cam - If worn R&R timing chain & replace dizzy cam. Major job (common fault)



H/Bal has moved causing vibration, ECU then cuts out cylinders to compensate. Check piston TDC to mark on pulley.(Common fault)

EB11- EL

Wont start

No injector pulse

Check interior light fuse. As this is power supply for smart lock.


Immoboliser signal


Check pin 4 at ECU with scope, key on, will be square wave pattern.

(PIN 3 on EF-EL-XH)

EB11 - EL/ Early AU1


No start, has good signal from dizzy or crank sensor

Maybe smartlock ( can overide). Leave key on for 40 minutes. If it starts its a faulty immoboliser. Check interior light fuse first!


Key on Smartlock light flashing code 5


Voltage surge,check earths,Under charging battery


EF-AU1 Wont start,smartlock working -no codes

Starter motor working,but drawing to much current,check signal from crank sensor,if hashy signal replace starter motor or dirty crank sensor(covered in oil)or touching balancer



Stalling, erratic idle

Computer faulty


No start,no crank

Check 30 amp engine fuse,if blown air con compressor siezed,remove fan belt to confirm



High idle

Intake manifold gasket leak.


Cuts out

Hard to start

Crank sensor at H/Bal dirty (oil leak) Also H/Bal loose & hitting crank sensor.


Runs rough, rich

Fuel press reg in rail is blocked due to internals of rail rusting you must clean out or replace fuel rail. Before fitting new reg


No injector pulse on

 1 or 2 cylinders

Faulty coil pack


Stalling OR high idle when brakes applied


Fuel pump earth shares same earth as brake & reverse located RH front inner guard or check stop light switch


AU /BA ute or wagon Running rich or map sensor faults after fitting fuel pump ass

You have mixed up return and purge hoses on pump ass,sending fuel to purge valve ,and sucking fuel into manifold and covering map sensor-Note this is a common fault



Cam sensor code

or noise coming from cam sensor

Cam sensor shaft seizing,sounds like fan belts,replace cam dizzy drive

Common fault

BA/BF No Start,has spark and injection No fuel pump,beware as if car has hit a pothole or curb as like most late model cars has a Inertia switch fitted LH front near glove box has switched off .this is power supply to pump,just reset it-common fault

BA/BF 6 cyl


Coils (Replace all 6 coils)




No start cold


Bad earth or resin in ECU seperating. Try pouring hot water onto ECU. If it starts ECU is faulty.

BA    Stalling when D or R selected S7 soleniod behind trans pump faulty or loose causing lock up conv to come on at idle
BA 6 cyl

Runs on 4 cyls afterhard acceleration


Faulty variable cam  sensor mech,flush oil & put correct eng oil


BA   6&V8

Stalling, Surging

TPS code

Faulty throttle body assembly or TPS


 BA-BF Stalling TPS codes after fitting new TPS Faulty power steer switch-shares same 5 volt reference as TPS circuit,cause bad signal to TPS -common fault

BA 6 cyl

runs rich,code 02 sensor

Fuel rail rusty inside and blocking sreen on press reg,to cnfirm check fuel return to tank should be at least 1.0lt in 60 seconds if not replace or clean fuel rail + new press reg and 02 sensor (common fault)


No start, has injector pulse, no spark, no communication to ECU with scan tool.

Bad earth at battery.

Check all earths.

Ford BA/ BF 6cyl

High idle, surging. All TPS codes.

Intake manifold gasket leaking (Common fault).


No Triptronic function on auto. code selector range shift fault

Listen for buzzing noise from trans in park or neutral or light in cluster always shows trans in drive. fault is broken wire in harness under ABS module

BA/BF       Replacing HIM Module If you have problems coding new module,you must use FORD scan tool and go to Forced diagnosis process to programe HIM
 BA/BF Speedo stops working-
Code -can-bus comm error
 BEWARE-dont change speed sensors or ABS module, If you pull over and switch off and restart and speedo is working again-fault will be coils misfiring causing a backfeed up loom to effect dash-replace coils and spark plugs-NOTE -this is a common fault
BA/BF/ Territory Ign switch turning around or spring broken for return to ign you have to replace steering column-common fault
BA/BF GAS only Knock sensor code Beware as most gas vechiles do NOT have a knock sensor but scan tool will bring this up as it doesnt see a signal
 BF--  FG     No start,no comunication with scan tool Before pulling everything out,including your hair,disconnect power steer plug (if it is 3 pin) and then check codes,if you can =short in power steer switch

Ford Explorer V6 up to 2000

Stalling/ lean ,O2 sensor fault codes

Intake manifold warped & sucking air into  intake ports. Replace bottom intake manifold (common fault)

Ford Focus                  

No power/fuel gauge codes

Faulty fuel pump ass.replace ASAP as it will damage dash cluster-$1100.00 from ford for dash + coding


Ford Focus

Surging,high idle

02 codes (lean) or no fault codes

Has split vacuum hose under manifold,throttle body,hard to see-R & R manifold and replace,can reuse orignal orings

NOTE-common fault

Ford Focus 2002 on manual trans

hard to start/surging

Vechile speed sensor out of range or faulty,to test VSS resistance should be 1.5 kohms between VSS signal out & ground pins at 3 pin connector

Ford Festiva

No start,no dash lights

Ign switch or check near battery tray for damaged wiring from spilled batt acid


Ford Laser KC/KH

Surging, cutting out

Runs rough.

Water leaking on ECU wiring loom in front of centre console.

Laser / Mazda 323 98/01 1.6 eng


No codes

Faulty coil. Change both coils & leads.

Laser / Mazda 323 98/01 1.6 eng

Runs rough, no power, no fault code.

Faulty airflow meter. Disconnect & drive to verify.

 Laser/Mazda 323 No Start/power,sometimes Crank code 1 inj pulse on crank only may be faulty key or immobliser,but mainly belt tensioner spring has fallen out-NOTE-common fault

Laser/Mazda 323 98/01


Runs rough/surging no fault code

Knock sensor melted at back of engine

This is a COMMON fault

Laser / Mazda 323

with timing chain

Runs rough

Cam sensor code

Check cam timing / Tensioner loose will set cam code when timing out

Ford Mondeo

High rough idle

Check split vaccum hose under coils

Or at back of engine.

Ford Mondeo

Cutting out

Hard to start

Wiring loom loose at back of engine, wires melted to EGR pipes.

 Ford Ranger Diesel BEWARE-oil change Do oil change and refill within 5 minutes,otherwise pump will run dry and will have no oil pressure-$3000 to repair-BEWARE

Ford Transit Diesel

Early models

Runs rough & no power

Usaully faulty fuel pump

Ford Transit Diesel late common rail

Motor surging or stalling EGR fault codes

EGR not faulty it is the switch for the EGR, common fault located near radiator has vacuum hoses going to EGR valve

Ford Transit 2.0LT

Diagnostic plug?

Where is it?

Hidden in fuse box, behind fuses LH Top side, pull out separate fuse panel.

Ford Transit Petrol 2.0LT


High idle


Usually Air flow/ Air intake tubes or EGR valve leaking.

(Common fault)

Ford Transit 2.0LT


O2 code


Check O2 fuse in separate fuse box RHF chassis rail.

Plus replace O2 sensor

Ford Transit 2.3LT



Faulty coils & leads,if misfire still there,check fault codes ,if ign driver fault present it has a faulty computer we can repair

Ford Transit 2000 on


No throttle response


Throttle pedal sensor  & throttle body out of range,to reset switch ign on,slowly depress acc pedal to full travel release slowly.this should reset system


Ford Territory No Start If oil light came on while driving,earth lead broken or loose between engine and chassis rail
 Ford Territory ABS light on Check brake pedal switch,you must reset this correctly and lock into postion
Terrirtoy AWD code C1280 This code is for YAW Sensor,replace,fitted behind pass air bag

Holden  Vectra

Cutting out, misfire (no fault codes)

Check wiring loom to crank sensor or faulty coil pack

TS Astra X18XE

Cuts out and stalling


Fuel pump relay supplies power to injectors,replace fuel pump relay

TS Astra

Crank code stuck or runs rough or wont rev

Sump has been hit and has damaged ring gear on crank for trigger signal. When replacing sump check ring gear!

TS Astra

Airflow code keeps coming up

Bad earth wire out of ECU to airflow meter. (Yellow wire)

Replace A/flow & add extra earth wire or repair /replace computer.

 TS Astra

Goes to idle, surging

Faulty throttle body assembly, faulty EGR Valve

TS Astra


Stalling, runs rough, check light on all the time.

(Check codes & repair items listed first)

Bad earth outputs out of ECU. We have to send ECU, key, reader away to be repaired,or replace computer

(Common Fault)

TS Astra    ABS Code-U2108 ABS module-cannot be repared with this fault code,must replace with new abs
TS Astra Code -Auto trans torque converter This code will come up if engine has slight misfire,could just be coilpack , check vacuum ports in throttle body may be blocked with carbon,if ports clean -faulty engine ECU
TS Astra Z18 code-P1700 Still running rough or surging after fitting new ECU,make sure you clear transmission codes,if you dont it may be the problem ,if cleared and still running bad replace air flow meter as new ECU is not recieving the correct readings from air flow and check vacuum ports at back of throttle body blocked,clean

Barina SB late

Fans not working rad or interior

CODE -Quad control module-this code means relay-there are 3 relays behind battery (hard to find) these conrol fan operation-replace all 3

Barina SB Auto S Light on dash,code 93-in limp mode Reverse light fuse blown,common fault

XC Barina / Combo

Stalling & surging

EGR valve faulty (common fault),

Throttle body.

XC Barina/ Combo


Stalling, erratic idle

(Check codes & repair items listed first

Bad earth outputs out of ECU. We have to send ECU, immoboliser, key, reader & dash (speedo) away to be repaired. (Common fault),or replace computer,must be programed

 XC Barina/Combo surging,codes-purge control,02 sensors
 Check fuse 17 under bonnet-is 12volt supply to 02 sensors and purge valve-common fault
TK Barina Misfire CEL light flasing Code misfire sometimes Do compression test,exhaust valves carboned up bad,try cleaner through throttle body or head off,NOTE this is a common fault or reflash ECU with scan tool
VECTRA JS ABS light on -code U2108 can-bus no communication faulty abs module,cannot be repaired,must buy new abs module
Vectra JR/JS 4 cyl Stalling,codes air flow or MAF This is a COMMON fault-it is a faulty idle speed motor,when motor vechile stalls it brings up air flow codes


Hard to start cold

No signal from starter to pin 9, at ECU. Must see 8 volts + otherwise wont advance or richen (common fault)


Cuts out

Bad connection to dizzy, do wiggle test. Replace plug & crank sensor as moisture has gone into crank sensor (common fault).

Commodore VN/VY V6

Cuts out

Check codes, If cam & crank appear, it is a faulty coil pack.As this supplies voltage to both sensors. Replace coil pack & crank sensor.


Car cuts out after you let ignition key off

Missing spout (EST) signal to computer. Faulty coil pack assembly.

 Commodore VP/VR

Runs rough, hard to start

Fuel press reg sucking vapors & fuel into manifold via vacuum hose.


No start. Code 31  ( Check crank sensor & Coil pack are o.k)

Maybe BCM. (Can overide) Leave key on for 50 minutes. If it starts faulty BCM & key fob.


To reset BCM      

To reset BCM R&R Fuel pump fuse. If you have a problem with some functions not working try this. If it doesn't fix problem the BCM is faulty.


 O2 code even after fitting new O2 sensor

(02 not working)

Check earth circuit for both O2’s at ECU pins D14 & D16.

Bridge a wire to both earth outputs to rectify.



fans not coming on


This is a common fault,BCM runs low speed fan,eng ECU runs hi speed fan.may have bad earth at bolt near battery or wrong thermostat fitted,coolant temp switch,ECU,or relay (2 relays)


Faulty BCM

Check if cooling fan relay is correct,After market relay does not work correctly and will damage BCM(low speed fan operation)


No start or cutting out,has spark & injection but no fuel pressure

beware before changing fuel pump ass,check 12 volts to pump connection as could be fuel pump relay(switches of when hot)



Faulty coils (common fault)

Replace all coils.

VT-VY 5.7


Camsensor code

R&R Manifold to replace sensor at back of valley.


O2 sensor codes

If new extractors fitted O2’s will fail in 2 days due to paint & sealant

VT-VY 5.7

Stalling, surging

Split hose at throttle body. Replace complete PVC hose kit.(Holden)


Dash lights on, fans on sometimes

Faulty ABS module

 VT-VY Fans on all the time/no air con
 Code-BCM -output overload-fan or air con relay faulty

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